Utica Area

Utica Delivery
Includes set up, delivery, drip tray and light

Single block carving
Two block carving
Ice bars sold in 40 inch sections
Tappas bar sold in 40 inch sections
Table centerpieces– minimum 8 pieces
Centerpieces come with individual lighted trays that must be returned or pick up charge
Basic party shot luge (no tray or light included)
Ice bowls
Sorbet dishes
call for pricing

Additional features to add:
Color filled effects
Custom freezes
(plus cost of materials if not provided)
Spiral hoses
Bottle chillers
must be ordered with another carving
or minimum of 8
Order two 40 inch ice bar sections and get a free ice shot luge
Freezer drop save $50 no tray or light included

Small Tray
Large Tray
Ask about multiple carving discounts when delivered together